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What is Walking Football?

Walking Football is a team sport for those who want to stay active in older age.

Walking Football is a slower version of the standard game with specific rules where you walk instead of run, it is aimed at gentlemen and ladies aged 50+, regardless of their footballing ability, shape or size.

It is designed to help people get fit or maintain an active lifestyle no matter age and fitness level, support people getting back into football if they have given it up due to age or injury, meet new people and have fun.

The Rules

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The Benefits

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Known as the “island of eternal springMadeira’s subtropical climate makes it a great destination to visit all year round. Given Madeira’s diverse landscape, it has quite dramatic micro-climates which means that you are never far away from sunshine, wherever you are on the island.

If somebody had told me 20 years ago that at the age of 60 I would be playing competitive football, I would have laughed at them. Here I am living the dream with a gang of new friends.

Stuart Greaves, 60

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