MWF Rules

MWF (Madeira Walking Football) Rules & Regulations

  1. No running, with or without the ball, one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times.
  2. No tackling and no physical contact is allowed.
  3. The ball must not go above 1 mtr high and no heading of the ball is allowed.
  4. No goal keepers.
  5. No players from either side allowed in the goal area. An indirect free kick to be given against anyone entering the goal area, all opposing players must be 3 mtrs from the ball.
  6. Goal kicks to be taken from the edge of the goal area.
  7. Substitutes are allowed at any time.
  8. No penalties, all free kicks are indirect free kicks, all opposing players to be 3 mtrs from the ball
  9. Corners are allowed, all opposing players must be 3 mtrs from the ball.
  10. No offside.
  11. Throw ins are kick ins, opposing players to be at least 3 mtrs from the ball.
  12. Teams cannot score from their own side of the pitch.
  13. Any indiscretions are punishable by an indirect free kick.
  14. Continuous indiscretions by the same player will be punishable by the showing of a “yellow card” and the player must leave the pitch for 5 minutes. ( A substitute is allowed ).
  15. Verbal abuse or dangerous play by any player or continued indiscretions by a player who has received a “yellow card” will be shown a “red card” and sent off the field of play for the remainder of the game, a substitute is allowed.
  16. The referee to be in complete control of the players and the game at all times.
  17. The referee to decide on the duration of the games and any breaks to be taken.
Madeira Walking Football