FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A - Walking Football is a team sport for those who want to stay active in older age. Walking football is becoming increasingly popular. It is a standard game of football where players walk instead of run.

It is designed to help people get fit or maintain an active lifestyle no matter what their age and fitness, as well as support people getting back into football if they have given it up due to age or injury.

A - Why not, it is played in countries around the world with much worse weather conditions than we experience here.

A - Older people who play have seen many benefits: lower heart rate and blood pressure, less fat and more muscle, and better mobility.

And it is not just health benefits (mental and physical)… walking football also offers social benefits. Participants can meet new people, avoid isolation, and interact with individuals and small groups.

This is a sporting activity that is suitable for everyone.

A - Walking Football is played indoors or outdoors, and players are not allowed to run, with the ball or without the ball, as well as jogging. You can walk as fast as you want and walk as described in the rules: "One foot must be in contact with the ground at all times."

Another big difference from association or 5-a-side football is that it is classified as a contact-less sport. While tackling is allowed, it should be done without contact.

A - The main difference, as the name suggests, is that there is no running. The purpose of this activity is more than physical, also intending to integrate and coexist in favour of a more active ageing.

A - Walking football was conceived in 2011 in the UK, and is now very popular throughout the whole of Europe, for example in the Algarve.

A - The rules are:

No physical contact.

No slide tackling or tackling from behind, tackling is allowed but done without contact.

No ball above head height.

No offside or corners.

No players from either side allowed inside the goalkeepers box.

The goalkeeper is not allowed outside of his box (punishable by a penalty).

The goalkeeper to deliver the ball either by under hand or by kicking.

Throw ins are kick ins.

All discrepancies are punishable by an indirect free kick with opposing players at least 2 meters away from the ball.

A - The benefits are:

Enjoyment and fun.

Improve health ( both mental and physical ), fitness and well-being.

Becoming more active in later years.

Meet new people, make new friends.

A feeling of belonging (to something ).

An activity suitable for anyone and everyone.

A - Abilities as well as fitness levels vary considerably. You do not need to be fit, as you will be walking around (at your own pace) and being part of a team. If still unsure, come along to watch. You will be made most welcome at any time.
A - Yes! We create a fun, safe and thoroughly enjoyable environment, to play at your pace with you in mind alongside like minded people. Not played a sport in years? - no problem. Feel like you are not fit to play? - you will soon improve if you start! Don't want to embarrass yourself?- you won't, we only laugh together.
A - Certainly not! You may not have played a team sport for years (even since your school days!) but that should not stop you coming along to give it a go! The idea is to have fun, get some physical exercise, maybe win a game (you know how good that makes you feel!), meet new friends and enjoy a bit of team banter before, during and certainly after the game. You will be surprised at how quickly you improve mentally, physically and skilfully.
A - Gentlemen 50+ Ladies of any age. We get people attending who will not have played the sport or indeed any sport. In effect all sorts of different people with different levels of skills, abilities and fitness levels. That is part of the charm to give maximum enjoyment to all.
A - Simply register, you will then be informed of the venue, day and time.
A - The idea is not only to have some physical exercise, but fun, banter, meet new friends, to go for a coffee, or even a liquid refreshment, it is up to you. You may prefer to dash off for other commitments and that is also fine.
A - Even if you have never played any sport before, do not let that stop you from joining in. We welcome everyone, no matter what your abilities and skills are. We try our best to match the teams and you will quickly improve once you get going. We might have to explain the rules to you, but that is not a problem either.
A - Certainly, as previously stated, we have different levels of fitness with those attending, so come and watch a session, talk to us and then you might find it could be good for you.
A - We might have to disagree with you here! We stop because we get old, we grow old because we stop exercising. Do not let age get in the way of enjoying some fun with team mates at the same time as exercising! What a great way to get fit, have real fun and meet new friends. Now that does not happen in your gym!
A - Ideally you need a good pair of sports trainers (not boots), socks, shorts and a T-shirt. There are plenty of sports retailers (for example Decathlon or Sport Zone), so go and talk to them about playing Walking Football.
A - This is to cover the cost of the venue.
A - The balls and goalkeepers gloves will be sanitised before the session. Each person attending will be given 2 different coloured training tops which will be their responsibility to wash and bring to each session.
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