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Interview with »YOUR_NAME« of Madeira Walking Football (MWF).

(MWF) Dear »YOUR_NAME«. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you here for our next MWF blog, so that our followers can get to know you better. Can you please start by telling us about yourself? For example, when and how did you become interested in walking football?

(MWF) Have you played walking football before? And how many times in a week do you play?

(MWF) Why do you think Walking Football would be interesting to play here on Madeira Island?

(MWF) Have you felt fitter and healthier since starting Walking Football, and if so, in what ways?

(MWF) And as for the other team members… what do you think of them? Did you meet new friends while playing Walking Football?

(MWF) Has your social life changed since you started playing, and if so, how?

(MWF) If you hadn’t played Walking Football… would your life be different?

(MWF) Describe the buzz you feel when you have the chance to play a team sport again. Or compare it to another activity.

(MWF) Besides walking football, what is your favourite sport or activity?

(MWF) Have you played in tournaments on Madeira Island? And what was your experience?

(MWF) Do you agree that Walking Football is a safe sport and that everyone over 50 can play?

(MWF) What are your fondest memories of playing walking football? And what do you think could be improved?

(MWF) What do you like most about Walking Football starting to happen in Madeira Island?

(MWF) What does it mean to you to live on Madeira Island? And the people and their culture?

(MWF) Speaking of walking football again,… do you find it hard NOT to run when you play?

(MWF) And are you a competitive player/person? Or are you just for the fun part? Or both?

(MWF) Do you think that this year Madeira Walking Football will be a new (and even bigger) event on the island?

(MWF) What advice would you give someone eager to play but nervous about approaching a club or taking part in a walking football session for the first time?

(MWF) How do your friends and family feel about your return to play in a sport at your age?

(MWF) As MWF just started this year, what is your take on the organization so far? And would you like to get more involved with certain MWF tasks?

(MWF) Is there anything else you would like to share?

Madeira Walking Football